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Horror Story from TV Repair land

My worst bug story was a TV repair in probably 2005/2006. I was called out to a house for a non operational set. I remember stepping into the house and getting a whiff of that smell of cockroaches that you learn to identify if you repair a lot of electronics. I asked the customer if he had a bug problem and he did the typical reply of no.

I remember opening the back of the set and even though the room was lit it seemed overly dark inside the back of the set (LG Rear projection). I turned on my flashlight and it was like the shadows ran away from the bulb and I realized that there was a literal carpet of cockroaches inside the set. What they had left behind on the circuit board was reminiscent of HR Geiger and the Aliens movies (I know also H. R. Geiger but its what flashes through my head when I saw it). I calmly gathered my tools and told the customer it was a full loss and non repairable. He decided to yell at me and called my boss to complain. Sitting down the street I got a call from my boss who was super hot about me walking out of a repair. Not wanting to ever look into the face of crawling horror ever again I replied with a "Listen, if you can fix this thing I will give you back a weeks pay" and standing by since I didn't have a call again for about an hour or so I watched my boss drive by in his van. About 20 minutes after seeing him I receive a call back going "Nope, not even touching that you can keep your paycheck"

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