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Fujitsu of Japan engaged Taiwan to start producing chips, at their fabs, not too long ago, as well. South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are becoming more interdependent. The U.S. does not force transfer of intellectual property from U.S. Asian partners, like China does to them & the U.S.

Trump knows the U.S. is an unreliable partner because of politics (i.e. Democrats in U.S. Congress went to the defense of South Vietnam with a Democrat President, when the North Vietnamese invaded the south... then the Democrats in the U.S. Congress refused to supply the Air Support for South Vietnam after the North re-invaded them again under a Republican President... liberals can never be trusted in life & death situations.)

This being said, Trump wants South Pacific nations to really be more than ports for the U.S. ships to dock at, in order to retain security. Japan is deploying Helicopter carriers now and Hypersonic Missiles in a short number of years. Taiwan is buying equipment that can repel a naval invasion (quickly mobile tanks to fire on incoming ships & avoid incoming fire, mines to destroy incoming ships, anti-missile batteries to stop incoming attacks, mobile systems to fight a guerilla warfare against Mainland Chinese invaders, etc.)

Trump no longer desires Asians to be slaves of the United States, as liberals once desired, but rather he wants them to become true peers & allies, capable of defending their own nations.

There are a lot of people, who prefer U.K., Europe & Asia to be the security lackies of the United States - Trump has no taste for that. He prefers them to be strong & independent... true peers in every sense. (A lot of overseas cowards and U.S. racists prefer to see them as lackies without ever achieving peer status.)

If Taiwan can make money on their island, as well as on U.S. Mainland, it will offer more opportunities for them to make themselves militarily independent and also place them in a better position to provide chips for their own military solutions and economic funding, in case of a Chinese Blockade or engagement. (Multiple sourcing is an important concept in the U.S. Military Contractors.)

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