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Uncle Sam courting Intel, TSMC to build advanced chip fabs on home soil – report

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[DM] "activities of the US against Huawei which seem to be caused by Huawei being cheaper..."

Ummm... no... Huawei copying the motherboards & ROMS of Cisco and shipping photocopies of Cisco manuals with their product resulted in Huawei being cheaper.

[DM] "and better than Cisco and not including any NSA backdoors"

It was China that leaving unencrypted backdoors in the equipment.

[DM] "US actions in the Middle East"

Yep... [alqaeda] fly some airplanes into buildings and [saddam] signs 2 different executive orders to get terrorist organizations to kill Americans anywhere in North Africa and Middle East might just encourage some involvement & reassurance from allies that the U.S. is a true ally, even though enemies & terrorist sympathizers & cowards may think otherwise.

[DM] "civilians that the US has killed in its wars in Vietnam"

The Red Communists of North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam, until they were bombed, and decided to sign a peace treaty. They broke the peace accord and re-invaded again. Civilians would not have died in Vietnam had Red Communists not invaded and Red Communist Sympathizers not taken the side of the foreign invaders & murderers. Sure racists will tell you in a heart beat that the North was the same ethnicity as the South and had the right to invade & kill people who looked like them, but the South knew the results would be the same as what Hitler & Stalin did.

[DM] "the cost of getting elected to Federal office (Congressman, Senator, President or Vice President) far outweighs the salary from the office"

Which means you have to get the support of people to support you for office.

This is why so many people hate Trump in the United States - he was able to get elected to office, spending half the money as his Wall Street & Tech Company & Big Business & Middle Eastern Oil competitor (Clinton)

It is always amusing, to watch people on a foreign web take the position of Red Communists, Racists, Financial Firms, and wealthy Oil Dictatorships over freedom.

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