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Uncle Sam courting Intel, TSMC to build advanced chip fabs on home soil – report

Duncan Macdonald Silver badge

No need to be a fanatic to have little trust in the US.

Look at the activities of the US against Huawei which seem to be caused by Huawei being cheaper and better than Cisco and not including any NSA backdoors. The threat of Huawei was not spying from China but the reduction in the ability of the NSA to spy on everyone.

Look at the US actions in the Middle East, Panama and other areas to see that the US is a country that believes in the use of force anytime that it thinks it can get away with it.

Look at the number of civilians that the US has killed in its wars in Vietnam and the Middle East (bombing a wedding party in Afghanistan being one example).

Because the cost of getting elected to Federal office (Congressman, Senator, President or Vice President) far outweighs the salary from the office, most such officials have to obtain the money from sponsors (by altering laws in their favor or by arranging contracts and grants to go to them).

The US has the best government that money can buy.

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