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Forever mothballed: In memoriam Apple Butterfly Keyboard (2015-2020)

Richard Wharram

I've still got the original

2015 original MB12 is still one of my machines (not this, this one is Linux) and it's fine. I like it.

I did have a problem with the down arrow sticking a couple of years ago but I ran a piece of paper under it and some gunk came out and it's been fine since.

I love that machine. So thin and light and fun to use. The gripe I do have with it is that the battery life is now about 90 minutes.

I have a 2020 Air with the new keyboard and whilst I admit it is a bit nicer I'm not greatly fussed about the difference in keyboard. I'm more concerned that the Air makes a fucking racket when given a moderate task for more than 30 seconds.

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