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There's no reason to preorder, especially after the examples from last console generation:

Blockbuster took preorders for console bundles and collapsed before they launched - all those customers will have lost money from that (Probably all of it).

GAME took preorders. Called customer into stores to collect them when they weren't there, and tried to sell them other things after they waited in queues for ~1 hour for nothing. They tried to scaremonger customers into buying insurance, claiming that the Manager had already broken his Playstation 5 (This one happened in my local store, including to me, and they were very pushy). They sold people's preorders to anyone who would outbid those customers, and would only honour mine and a few friends i heard from, preorders if you spent £550 on an even bigger "deal" with more games.

So, assuming the same could happen again. Don't preorder. And if you do, expect to be ripped off by greedy companies, or possibly lose all your money and receive nothing.

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