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Sweet TCAS! We can make airliners go up-diddly-up whenever we want, say infosec researchers


More high quality 'research'

So it's maybe possible to spoof the transmissions and get the system to respond as designed.

Just a shame it's utterly impractical to spoof the transmissions in any useful form except on the bench, and they didn't even do that. In other words more bollocks security 'research' pointing out a flaw that doesn't actually exist except on paper.

Also the not so minor point that they tried everything on a sim - shame that even on the Type 7 / Level D devices code for a lot of the (non-rehosted) systems is there to recreate the training effect and *IS NOT A FULL REPLICA OF THE REAL SYSTEM* so any results mean very little. Been there, wrote that, ran the flight acceptance tests... That said I remember using real TAWS boxes on sims before (which have built in TCAS) because it was easier than trying to process their terrain databases etc.

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