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I wanted to adopt their Hip chat server a few years back...

It had E2E encryption, allowed you to do video and desktop sharing, audio and file sharing with registered or LDAP users. No meeting crashers, safe sharing of confidential material, etc. It even worked through the GFW and various endpoint security without a hitch. I was impressed.

Then, as I was setting up a production internal server, they took a page out of the Google/Apple playbook, and sold it off/discontinued it. VCs wanting to exit and take the cash maybe?

Anyhow, I am yet to deploy a single Jira or Confluence instance as a result. Without users already in the ecosystem, these steps present a bigger challenge, especially in small orgs, as each needs an internal champion to make it over the adoption hump.

I'm yet to summon the courage to do this, so our staff persist with our various and less mature tools. I still wish their HipChat was there; the alternatives remain utter rubbish.

The Atlassian crew do seem to only care about cloud-based solutions though. Products like Trello appear proud that they will never offer a 'off-cloud' version. When I read that in their Doco/FAQ it was another nail in the coffin to me deciding to sign up to their other products. This is a real shame as their startup prices and offering is perhaps the best in the industry.

Not sure how all today's cloud providers think startups and small orgs don't value security, or centralised data storage or surety over the location they host their data in. I'm yet to meet a founder that doesn't...

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