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Australian contact-tracing app leaks telling info and increases chances of third-party tracking, say security folks

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The question is, is it better than not having it? Cases are low (or nill) in some parts of Australia now, but corona will come back at some stage of society returning to normal. Each case prevented will save us from a whole string of many more cases after it, same as was said at the start of this. Nothing (at this point) can stop this virus 100%. Surely if this app can be 20% effective, that will save a sh*tload of lives. I would suggest anyone who is worried about people stealing their phone, hacking their way in to it, reading text logs, comparing data against someone elses phone trying to locate a meet at a 3rd party residence, has missed the point. For most people this is not a concern. For those it is, well, they shouldnt even have a phone. This app is pretty good on the scale of things. The worst offenders for tracking are those making money out of you. Facebook, Google, Apple, Advertisers, Malware authors, etc....

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