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Re: "The frequency that they're using is just below the classification of a weapon"

I think one of the key things that almost every conspiracy theorist shares is that they have never managed more than two people.

As soon as you manage more than two (and technically it starts at two as that is when you run into the Dyad vs. Triad problem where it's possible for two people to conspire against a third, creating all sorts of real or imagined issues) you'll discover that there is a big gap between what you want to happen, what the people think you want to happen, and what will really happen.

If even relatively minor operations can only be executed to about 90% perfection and operations requiring just ten people not to talk still leak to the press, imagine what the success rate is of an operation that requires tens of thousands of people to all do exactly as what is expected of them. Tens of thousands of people who all keep their mouth shut for ever, never say too much when drunk or in an emotionally fragile state, never experience regret or are never desperate in need of cash but with a story to tell that could make them mega bucks.

Of course there are groups of people of all stripes on all sorts of levels planning things in secret (from a product launch to a plan to overthrow a government). A lot of shady stuff happens. But to think plans that would involve tens of thousands of people to work flawlessly and silently can ever be executed even remotely close to successful is madness.

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