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US threatens to turf out four Chinese telcos amid concerns over national security... and COVID-19, doctors, schools, jobs, communists, etc

Pascal Monett Silver badge

"Americans are now experiencing the consequences"

Of the utter incompetence of their so-called President.

As usual, some idiot stands up and forgets half the story, conveniently the half that makes his statement empty. Yes, the local Wuhan police force initially clamped down on the hero doctor, but Beijing reversed that in record time, forced the local police to reverse their decision and apologize, and initiated a travel lockdown like no country has ever seen. And a billion Chinese dutifully obeyed.

Meanwhile, the US buffoon that serves as President only issued confinement orders when he longer had the choice, as per his habit, and now there are clueless idiots who are protesting the confinement in the streets.

Pity COVID-19 targets essentially old people. If it targeted blinding stupidity instead, it would actually be useful.

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