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Re: "The frequency that they're using is just below the classification of a weapon"

Anyone who has ever seen one of those videos of controlled demolitions should have noticed that, obviously, they blow up the foundations (and not the roof) as they want the building to collapse on itself, not spread debris far and wide from the highest point.

One of the security staff at a business where I worked was watching that video one evening. He was a very intelligent bloke but seemed to be being sucked into the theories the more he watched. I watched a bit of the film with him and easily disproved something they brought up.

I also mentioned something that the business had done recently. They were buying another much smaller firm and It was supposed to be kept very secret. As a result only three people in our firm and the owner of the other knew anything about it. That had leaked out fairly quickly internally though and the management had to admit the rumours were true. I asked him how many people do you think it would have taken to orchestrate something like 9/11? Firstly how do you get so many people to agree to helping to commit mass murder? Secondly if we can't keep the purchase of a small business quiet with only four people do you stop something as large as 9/11 from leaking?

I said if he wanted to investigate a real conspiracy I had one for him. Why was the canteen in the building raising prices again when the last rise was under 8 months ago? This was a supposedly subsidised canteen so price rises were not meant to be that frequent. Even I couldn't explain that one.

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