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You know, I have at times wondered if that is indeed what we're witnessing. An unravelling.

There are some popular memes showing an increasing amount of shit happening to the world since 2015 (and yes, I include the death of David Bowie in that). That makes you wonder what could possible top the coronavirus outbreak. I think I have found it.

Donald Trump is not going to recognise the outcome of the US Presidential Elections if he doesn't win at least 75%. He'll threaten the electoral colleges to disregard the popular vote in their state and vote for him (ECs are not legally obliged to take the ballots into account). He'll fight the result in court in any state that didn't vote for him until he is re-elected. If he doesn't get a second term he'll get the militia, the people who are now on the streets protesting against the lockdown and the conspiracy nutjobs to pick up arms.

And presto, the current times are a relative bliss.

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