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Pascal Monett Silver badge

"This leaked information could be received by a miscreant nearby"

That miscreant would look really conspicuous standing outside my house with a laptop. there's not another building within 20 meters, I'm at the ass-end of a village and there's nowhere to go, so he couldn't really pretend he was just looking for his way on Google Maps because there is no way Google Maps could have brought him to the side of my house.

As usual, yes, I'm sure that electromagnetic radiation can tell you a lot and you're not the first to say so, but the spy industry relies on stealth, and standing in the middle of a field with a laptop next to a house is not exactly stealthy.

Much more interesting if you're in an office environment, but then most calculations in an office are not done on a graphics card.

I'll file this in useless but technically interesting.

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