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Intel? Excuse me?? INTEL????

Wow. People have short memories.

Intel has been responsible for many of the biggest unfixable security balls ups in recent history. Speculative execution is just the beginning of the utter mess they've made. And as far as I know, it's still not even close to sorted.

How about Intel fixing its own problems before spouting cr'p about fundamental changes to a language which has proved itself over nearly 50 years? Why the hell does Intel get any say whatsoever in C language design? It would be like allowing Boeing to design aircraft control systems. Insane!

C is a simple, portable, efficient, CPU-aware language. Its whole design philosophy is based on those attributes. If common CPU registers are powers of 2, then that's what its fundamental integer types should be. Much of C's optimisation and efficiency depend on that.

C was not created for FPGAs! It is utter nonsense to try to shoe horn it into a hardware description / design language. And before all the C# etc. managed-memory language spouters start off on here: *Use C, where appropriate*. And if you don't know what that means, then let someone who does know, do your job. C's only problem is its success, and idiots using it when they shouldn't.

/Rant done.

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