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Taiwan’s tech production went boom! in March

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I was there in February, and there was no social distancing happening then, they had also closed the schools (since re-opened but with perspex barriers installed between the children). They had also banned flights from China. Business and shops were and are operating as normal, and we can see now, booming.

The place was teeming with people outdoors, the markets were chock-a-block with people. People were not staying inside.

The only difference was most people were wearing masks, and sanitiser was freely available everywhere, and everyone was using it, and temperature checking in public places was commonplace.

Our government are lying to us telling us we don't need to use masks, I heard a feeble excuse from a senior health official yesterday saying people wouldn't use "proper" masks if they were compulsory.

The facts are, there is not enough masks here, so the government lie and say they aren't necessary. Same for sanitiser. They reserve them for medical staff, HELLO, if they work for medical staff, they will work for us too.

The end result is they have locked down our economy and our people, up to half of the workforce is or will be unemployed, many businesses will never recover, and the government has to spend trillions on stimulus and unemployment support.

All because they can't provide us with 20c masks and sanitiser.

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