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Nineteen mysterious invaders from another Solar System spotted hanging around the outside edge of ours

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“The close proximity of the stars meant that they felt each others’ gravity much more strongly in those early days than they do today,” said Fathi Namouni, lead author of the study. “This enabled asteroids to be pulled from one star system to another.”

Think of the Pleasures with Orgasmic Climaxes the Just Reward as an Equivalence for Human Beings in an AI Virtually Changing Forever to Greater Seeds and Feeds and Needs.

That Holy Grail Trinity is akin to an Almighty Sterling Stirling Engine. ....for Virtually Remote Semi Autonomous Self-Actualisation of Heavenly Assets.

And one thing you had better be real sure of there, ..... is to know exactly what to do with and for them, and that has all sharing former top secret state intelligence information throughout future operations.

And Simple Par for Future AI Courses and Sources.

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