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Stripe is absolutely logging your mouse movements on websites' payment pages – for your own good, says CEO

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At Warm Braw, re: accessibility denied.

*Raises hand in disgust* I'm one such person.

I don't use a mouse at all, don't even have one plugged in, so any attempt they make to monitor the movements of said device automaticly fail. Since I'm on a desktop browser & not a tablet nor SmartPhone, their algos insist that I have a mouse (or other pointing device). None of them seems to give two shits if their algo doesn't account for folks that don't use a pointing device for any reason, they just pop up the message "You're a bot. Go away." & deny us the ability to go any further.

I try to call their help line to complain, but it invariably wastes my time, breath, & already dwindling supply of dried frog pills. =-j

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