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Stripe is absolutely logging your mouse movements on websites' payment pages – for your own good, says CEO

BlackBerry ForEver

I detect fraud in the fraud detection, well at least smoke an mirrors.

Just plug an hdtv on an off the air, rabbit ear anttenna close to your wifi enabled computer, tune into an off the air channel, and watch the reception go wuzzy as you mouse around most web pages, if you don't have a fancy sniffer. Clearly all activity is being monitored and wifi-ed down the rabbit hole for some purpose that you haven't given explicit permission for, and why should you?, even when you are not clicking a link, just mousing or typing. How much of this constant wifi broadcasting data is actually safe? How many other JS libraries are doing it, or is it just built-in to the Browsers themselves, or in fact Windows itself (which it appears to be, even when using notepad)? Should I feel important, that some control knob wants to record all my activity? Building a personality profile on just what patterns are exhibited by simple things as mouse gestures and keystroke timing? Will I get a summary report of my personality type when the server is bursting with my data?

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