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Stripe is absolutely logging your mouse movements on websites' payment pages – for your own good, says CEO

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Prevent fraud ?

Wow. Okay, let me just, for a second, imagine that this argument is actually honest. So present, in a no less than five pages, an explanation of how recording my mouse movements on any of your web pages can lead you to define my activity as fraudulent.

Next, outline what it is you do with that data when you have defined that my activity is not fraudulent, and oppose it to what you do when you define that it is.

Then, in no less than two pages, explain what gives you the right to implement these measures when you are not requesting my permission to record this data.

Finally, explain how you expect to escape GDPR fines when it is proven that you are doing all of that without consent, without warning, and in total violation of privacy rules.

Oh, and for bonus points, explain why it is that Amazon does not need to use that technology even though it is making billions more in transactions than you are.

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