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And just like the TV streaming services....

Market fragmentation means you have to pay for many services just to ensure you can get to play what you want (it's bad enough needing to have Steam, Epic, Uplay, Origin, Battlenet,, Arc and gamesessions installed - but at least the launchers are "free") . At least with GOG the "Galaxy" launcher is optional.

Of course the main problem with streaming is the weakest link - your ISP. Can I rely on my ISP not falling over when I want to kick back and game? Well if experience is anything to go by the answer is a solid no. Sorry streaming services it is bad enough when origin goes down and takes down my EA library with it (offline can be enabled but getting into offline mode when the EA servers are down is a giant faff) at least I have other games I can play. Entrusting my leisure time to a streaming service isn't for me and I would need to realy make use of it to justify another expense.

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