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Video game cloud streaming shaken up as Nvidia loses more big names, Microsoft readies its market killer




It's only a matter of time before ARM Macs dominate the desktop and Arcade leads marketshare in gaming. Resistance is futile. Muwahahaha


Though I loved the ARM chip (I worked on lots of Acorn RiscOS games in the nineties) I wouldn't want anything with the Apple name on it, given it is impossible to get it reliably serviced (without losing everything, and/or getting ripped off) or anything made by Microsoft with one in it, as they seem to use it as an opportunity to lock down the platform.

I was one of the victims of surface Pro 4 flickergate, late in appearing and well out of any warranty. But a genuine manufacturer's fault regardless. I did manage to get a local company (Mobitech) to swap out my screen, for £200, something which both apple and MS wouldn't have approved of I guess.

So going forward, I will buy only hardware which is easy to repair, or cheap enough to throw away, and will probably move over to Linux, as this is the only platform which is worthy of any third party support.

As for these games servers returning 4k video - I think my reactions are now too slow to care about an extra 1 millisecond or whatever at my age.

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