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Something a bit phishy in your inbox? You can now email suspected frauds straight to Blighty's web takedown cops

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

So timely!

I am really pleased about this. I am fairly convinced that the dodgy bloke across the road has been secretly taking Penguin biscuits on his walk's - which twice this week have lasted more than 60 minutes - once a whole 62 minutes. Plus I know he has been out and bought an illegally frivolous foodstuff, because I saw a suspiciously French lookin baguette poking out of gis shopping bag, and no one needs to risk our country by going over to France for foodstuffs, but since my CCTV isn't working since I wrapped it in tinfoil to keep the postman's germs from contaminating my wifi I was unable to prove this. Now I can shop him for dodgy emails - I knew that 'Hi - Just reaching out to the street to see if anyone needs help' had to be a scam.....

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