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Scaleway disarms its ARM64 cloud, cites unreliable hardware as the reason

Phil Endecott

I tried to use this for a few months and it was indeed horribly unreliable.

It wasn’t unpopular. One of the problems was that for some configuration changes you needed to snapshot, shutdown, reconfigure and restart from the snapshot - and at the restart step, you could discover that there were no more instances available and you’d be in a queue - perhaps days long - for someone else to release one. Not ideal for a business. I learned a lot about how to make resilient systems, mainly by failing over to AWS when the Scaleway server crashed.

The AWS ARM instances are good and demonstrate what is possible; but maybe it’s only possible if you can make your own chips, as Amazon has. Maybe the off-the-shelf servers are not good enough yet. (My own experience with a Gigabyte ARM server motherboard was as poor as the Scaleway experience).

Scaleway’s earlier 32-bit ARM hardware was apparently reliable, though low-spec.

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