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Deliveroo runs at a perpetual recorded loss. This is either to wipe out the competition by under charging until the competition is all dead, at which point they can stick their prices up or creative accounting to avoid paying any tax. Either shouldn't be receiving any money in support.

The other point is that deliveroo was founded in 2013 (so now 7 years old) has over 300 full time staff on the books (250 is the limit for an SME before you become a full size enterprise) as well as thousands upon thousands of people contracting to do work for them on unfair terms in the "gig economy", eg "method of employing people on less than the minimum wage with no employment rights, eg holidays, sick pay etc". Also no tax paid.

Not only should they be allowed to go bust, personally I think they should be helped along the way along with as many similar companies as possible. It's not as if what they are doing is particularly unique.

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