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UK government to take equity in struggling startups with £250m 'Future fund'

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WTF! You call that a plan?

The UK government will throw £1.25bn at startups and R&D firms that are struggling to survive in the coronavirus lockdown and are willing to pay well-above-market interest rates and give away equity in exchange for a fiscal lifeline. The plan, announced on Monday by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak,...

How the fcuk have y'all arrived at the stage where you listen to such incompetent parasites, expecting them to lead anyone with anything to greener fields? And are you the bigger idiot so easily fooled that they are relying on to survive and prosper, for they are not really struggling, are they, other than failing to energise a viable novel future narrative ?

And don't answer that if you are easily depressed because you expected the future to be different and better rather than worse and similar with more of the same old guff presented daily in missing news briefings.

Dick Turpin at least wore a mask before he robbed folk of their valuables.

And of course Collective Cabinet Responsibility paints the bigger picture targets for prime attention? Way to go, Boris ..... it's all downhill quickly from here if things are not fundamentally changed from pathetic to seismic.

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