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Microsoft throws extended support lifeline for folk stuck on car-crash Windows 10 1809


"We recognize," said Microsoft, "this is an evolving situation. We will continue to listen to our customers."

Except, presumably, those still clinging to Windows 7.

Or those who want to be able to control their updates as with every other Windows version. Or those using consumer editions who want to be able to turn off telemetry. Or those who wish to be able to have a UI that's designed for the actual hardware in question (nearly always a traditional desktop or laptop with no touch and a discrete pointing device with separate pointing and clicking events). Or those who don't want to have to update every six months because Microsoft said so.

And so on.

People have been asking for the things I mentioned for 5 years, and if Microsoft is "listening," they have to be doing it while pointing and laughing. Windows 10 is not designed to meet the needs of their customers... it's designed to serve Microsoft.

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