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It's not the best can do. It's the best they're willing to do. They're all about the cloud now, because now that we've renamed "someone else's computer out there on the internet", it's revolutionary and new, and the stuff that got them to where they are is just yesterday's news. They're going to do Windows on the cheap while simultaneously monetizing it like some cheap piece of freemium crap, and they're going to charge full price for it, as long as people tolerate it. I

t looks like they will tolerate that quite a long time, so Windows users have only themselves to blame for enabling this. Allowing oneself to be locked in to a single supplier always carries the risk that the product and terms you've been getting is not the product and terms you're going to get in the future. It's why the term "second source" exists. The supplier that has you locked in can alter the deal, and all you can do is pray they don't alter it further. Ignore it at your peril.

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