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Actually, the US DoD is in love with either Tandberg or Cisco VTC systems, where we do get the delight to share nose picking thumbnails.

I've also worked for civilian companies that used the shared video experience, because it's always wonderful to see someone working for home in their underwear.

As for voice/text messaging by cell, there's currently an investigation in the US and a couple of other countries over nonexistent N95 masks that were "for sale". The US FBI got involved when they were trying to figure out how to purloin said masks that were ordered for hospitals desperate for masks and they realized that the quantity on offer was double what 3M produced in a year.

Yeah, the FBI investigated how to steal paid for masks, then figured out that they didn't really exist, it was an international scam.

What usually happens now is, the shipment gets hijacked into US government custody and sold back to the poor saps that originally paid for them.

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