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I would expect the courts to make available all bank records as part of the settlement process. So there is a possible "due process breach" but not a privacy breach. It is material to the breakup settlement. It may be community property. It may show funds being hidden. It may show infidelity. Who is at fault is still a factor in many countries and in many US states. Plus if no change was made, how would you know?

I have asked woman at work several times over several years. About half say in normal times, they look at partners spending, call history, emails, and in their partner wallets. They say they would be negligent if they did not. It is part of the role of a wife, is to keep her man/partner honest. There is no clear common expectation of privacy to protect a partner from a wife. Or at least the wifes do not conceding it. Paradoxically, none of my male co-workers would come out and publicly say they spy on their wife in the same way. Pretty much everyone that thought would seem much more creepy.

This asymmetry is NOT PC, it is just how it is.

It is not simple for the law to untangle the mess inside couples and families. In practice the law may not even be able to keep you physically safe.

The question of hacking or not hacking probably depends on technical details like the banks T&C, and possible the state of the common home.

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