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You are both right, for a given value of right but I'll side with Jake here!

My own bijou cloud at the office has failed to rain for quite some time (years). Actually, even my home phone exchange has downtime measured in minutes (updates) per year and yes I could do better but I can't be arsed with a home PBX cluster: that's ridiculous.

It's not quite as simple as all that. With big cloud you should be able to flex fast in response to huge requests which my little cloud could never manage. My little cloud on the other hand has people who give a shit about named people and their workloads looking out for them. It also has better uptimes for now. Even now I'm running Windows updates on customer systems, some of whom should be doing their own but don't. I do it because I can and my thumbs (and Icinga) twitch. I live next door to a large park and can get out whenever I like 8)

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