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" day or so's Azure DevOps outage"

But it's not a day or so, is it? Not a week goes by without ElReg reporting the various clouds going down, being broken into, slowing down, and what have you.

I guess in your scenario of fly-by-night industries & jumping about like a frog in a frying pan corporate "visions", where profits are often calculated on an hourly basis, clouds might make some sense (unless it all goes TITSUP, of course) ... but I don't have time for that kind of headache & ulcer inducing bullshit. Sane people calculate their profits quarterly or yearly.

And yes, I consult for people who have great capacity management, who are prepared to fund significant spare capacity ahead of known demand, and suppliers who don't let me down. So can you. Try it, you might like it. It even pays better.

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