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In steady state, yes. Just out of interest though, if a new team has a requirement for additional build nodes for their their CI/CD pipeline, or a new project starts up with a major new build requirement, how long does that currently take you to fill, from the moment the ticket is filed to them being fully operational? How long is it if your virtual infrastructure is full, and you need to procure more servers? How long if your datacentre is near full, and you prioritise production environment capacity demands?

Perhaps your environment is different, with great capacity management, managers who are prepared to fund significant spare capacity ahead of known demand, and suppliers who don't let you down. But I've seen teams stuck for months with hugely inadequate CI/CD capacity in large enterprise environments, with massive impacts on productivity - far more than a day or so's Azure DevOps outage would have. The old-school workaround of sticking beefy tower PCs under half the teams' desks and running the Jenkins jobs through those tends to be (rightly) blocked by security nowadays, so it's a real issue.

Don't get me wrong though, the Microsoft outage was still shit.

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