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China and Taiwan aren't great friends. Zoom sends chats through China. So Taiwan has banned Zoom

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we are expected to abide by any patent a manufacturer in China has on any equipment that is made there, if we make it "on shore". But of course, THEY can do what they want if they don't get caught...

I hear 'made in Mexico' is a cool thing these days, too! [OK I'm 30 minutes away from Mexico so I'm a little biased, but happy to promote manufacturing there for any labor-intensive process that makes sense to build in Mexico]. Competitive prices, too.

There are hidden costs to building things in China rather than your own country. Those hidden costs have become a *bit* more obvious, haven't they?

(don't get me wrong, I like China, but I don't like their government, nor the way that government treats their own people, and the way that government treats THE REST OF THE WORLD)

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