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Strange Times

For years I've worked for a company selling Learning Management systems (so Schools and Universities can conduct lessons, exams etc online).

We've been used to customers using it as a useful addition to normal teaching, or a "Nice to have we might try as an experiment".

With Coronavirus overnight the situation changed totally, with more and more countries locking down, and closing schools and Universities, we have been inundated with existing customers asking for large increases in capacity, and new enquiries and sign ups.

A depressing and unwanted way to get an increase in business, but hopefully online education and businesses in general having staff regularly working from home may at last become mainstream, for years I've thought the thousands of people commuting to big cities every day to sit at a desk with a PC in some office was a terrible waste.

Who knows in a few years time you may be able to get a seat on the train to London during rush hour, we can only hope out of this tragedy we get some changes in work practice that will make life better for everyone and the environment.

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