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'Anything' related to remote working is a winner for Euro disties, but classic enterprise hardware? That's another story

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Re: "shortages in areas such as notebooks will start to feel this pressure"

Had very little impact in the use of Notebooks/laptops round here. (Large US corporation, although I'm in the UK).

As far as I know, all employees (in the US and UK at least). already had a notebook or laptop, as it makes estate management easier/cheaper. No local rebuilding is done anymore (local tech support staff re-purposed, moved or made redundant :-/ ).

If you need a laptop rebuilt now, they post you a USB stick with a fresh image on it and you do it yourself. If it's a hardware fault, they post a replacement laptop and some data transfer instructions (assuming you can access your data of course, if you can't, it's assumed lost [1]), you then send the old laptop back in.

1: The company officially tells everyone to store all data in formal team or project spaces (i.e. in Sharepoint), and anything else you are working on, or your own notes etc. keep them in your company OneDrive, i.e. do not use local 'Documents' dir for anything. But for some people, old habits die hard.

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