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Korea had infection same day as USA

Just to remind everyone that the USA had its first infection the same day as Korea. If USA had tackled it then, then USA would now be passed it like Korea.

They'd be finished, see "New infections each day", Korea is in the closing tail:

USA would be clear of Covid 19 by now. It would be past like SARS1 and MERS and EBOLA and the rest.

Korea's outcome, 2.9% death, same as SARS1 in the USA, so if 100 million infections, 2.9 million dead in USA. Likely many more, it kills overweight people in higher proportion and USA has an obese problem, so it will likely kill more fatter Americans.

"The United States, whose first case was detected the same day as South Korea’s..."


Fox News has switched track, instead of Fox News' older viewer sacrificing themselves to save the stock market, they're saying old people should stay isolated and everyone else should intentionally get infected to produce herd immunity. This is dumb Mk 2.

0.56% death rate among under 60's, 250 younger million = 1.4 million dead.

Don't do this, just stop watching the liars on Fox News and keep yourself safe, young or old. Be a South Korea, not a Florida. You don't see any Fox News presenters, even the under 60s getting deliberately infected to help herd immunity, they're professional liars not idiots. Wear your mask, stay isolated, its only a few weeks, the longer Republicans stall, the more weeks it will be, but do it anyway.

Think you have good health insurance? That it won't kill you? Look at Boris Johnson, its ripping through his lungs right now. He's the Prime Minister of the UK, he has all the health treatment possible. We'll know in a few days if he survives or not.


Florida Republican governor stalled any action, Trump stalled action, Republicans tested messaging on cancelling elections. Legal challenges to mail-in ballot elections happened, and as expected the Supreme Court ruled along Partisan lines, blocking 550k mail-in ballots in Wisconsin.

You can see how they continue to treat this, as an opportunity to grab power, by blocking elections, not as a health crisis.

If you cannot run a mail-in ballot and Florida Republican Governor DeSantis manages to get most of Florida infected, then he has an excuse to cancel elections. In doing so, his State can spread the cancellation like a virus to other states via the Supreme Court.

And with Florida infected and the Supreme Court and Trump keeping Florida borders open, to reinfect the rest of the USA, the election could not be run.

Notice it. Notice the attempts to block mail-in elections on specious grounds. Notice how the Supreme Court is pure partisan things now, ruling to disallow 550k mail-in ballots in Wisconsin.

21 million people in Florida, 600,000 dead if DeSantis gets his way.

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