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Pan-European group plans cross-border contact-tracing app – and promises GDPR compliance


Game (nearly) over in the UK

From an article on the BBC on 31.March :

"My favourite restaurant might ask me to show that I was low-risk before allowing me into a crowded place, and I think that would be a perfectly reasonable price to pay for this step towards returning to normal life," Prof Michael Parker told the BBC.

"And while he said that the general public should not be compelled to use the app to begin with, he did not rule this out if the majority failed to do so."

"The key question is - does it require everyone to do it for it to be effective?" Prof Parker explained.

(seen from

We have Palantir and NSO pitching to governments around the world. And now these guys... who set up in Switzerland. Outside GDPR.

Call me skeptical.

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