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Pan-European group plans cross-border contact-tracing app – and promises GDPR compliance

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Whenever I read the solution to all evils is an app...

... I know we are all doomed.

My sister and my mother don't even have a smartphone. My mother phone doesn't even have Bluetooth. How do they think to track them? Making smartphones mandatory? Fining people around without one, or with Bluetotth/WiFi/Data turned off?

Some people should stop to believe the whole world is alike the one within their little horizon.

Meanwhile, the real issue is there are no ways to detect infected people before they can infect others because there are not enough resources to test enough people. A family friend of ours died of covid-19. Her lone son, with a mild disability, living with her, was not tested and was left alone in quarantine for fourteen days, because tests were kept for "better people" (who usually included football players and politicians, but not doctors and nurses...) - and the carrier who infected her was probably not identified for the same reason.

And they're telling me the solution is an "app"?? Clueless idiots trying to make people believe they have "the situation under control".

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