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That reminds me - when we can all move around freely again, I will go to a friend's place, put a large USB thumb drive into one of his router's ports, and set up scheduled backups for him. He has f'all data, so a 128GB drive/card should last a few years.

He's far from stupid, but has now turned 70 and is struggling to grasp the basics of phones and computers (yes I know - it's my poor training skills, but I'm not the only one helping him).

So, if I can implement this setup that he doesn't really know/care about, then hopefully I might be able to easily help him when things go really badly wrong. Of course, there are obvious holes in this line of defence, which I will try to mitigate as much as I reasonably can.

IMO this will be a much easier solution than trying to teach him how to manage backups himself. He'd probably be able to get it 90% right...

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