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Indeed, I remain confused exactly why Fitbit exist at all. From this article, I understand that they were previously selling a fitness tracking device that was completely unable to actually track fitness and required you to carry a far more capable phone with you anyway. This new upgraded version finally adds the ability to actually track things for about 3 hours. Meanwhile something like a Garmin Forerunner has been around for ages, is far better for both sporty stuff and for working as an actual watch, and is actually cheaper.

That last point being the most important. I thought they were basically cheap tat for people who wanted to pretend to be doing fitness related stuff without actually wanting to spend money or do it properly. But who the hell pays extra for a crappy Fitbit when it's actually cheaper to get something that's better in pretty much every way?

*Disclaimer - I don't actually own a Garmin, I have a Suunto watch. Suunto are a terrible. If you actually want a GPS watch, get a Garmin.

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