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All your health data are belong to us

I had been considering FitBit (among other options) for a while, but ever since I learned of their impending assimilation by GRUgle, unfortunately that's ruled them out from my perspective. The obvious alternative, Apple, is far too expensive, too fancy (and with too mediocre a battery life) for my use.

Inasmuch as most fitness tracking is fairly frivolous anyway, all I really want is something that can measure walking/running, cycling (maybe?) distance, and, most importantly for me (although, again, still essentially frivolous), swimming distance (not that I'm getting any chance to do that just now, sadly). The ability to be alerted to incoming calls and messages from my phone (not even necessarily the content of them) and perhaps to control music playing, would arguably be "nice" to have, but I don't really need anything super fancy. My fear is that the cheapo Chinese alternatives are probably also slurping your data away somewhere undesirable, are there any semi-smart-watches available that would do the trick and respect the privacy and sensitivity of your data?

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