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Immoral, blatant Copyright violation.

They started this Open Library a while ago. Real Libraries buy a copy and pay royalties.

I appreciate the service that provides in "saving" copies of vanished websites. AKA "Wayback Machine".

They have Google's attitude to scanning copyright works and not just archiving dead websites, but providing copies of copyright works, beyond webpages, with no remuneration to those selling them.

Also from time to time a book, comic, song, video or program might be distributed "free of charge" by the copyright holder or publisher. That doesn't put it in the Public Domain, nor does it give ANYONE the right to redistribute it.

No author or publisher should have to search to opt out of anything. See also Clearview.

it is just blatant copyright violation, far beyond what Google is allowed (snippets on web pages). Why does Google need to scan an entire copyright work to produce a web snippet? I think we can all work out why. Also the "snippet" is disingenuous as tests show that Google has OCRed entire copyright text and will respond to ANY unique text in the book. The results often come higher than sellers of the book.

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