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"In the DIY business, it's "measure twice and cut once."

A friend was renovating a farmhouse as his new family home. To trim costs he ordered and fitted the large kitchen worktops himself. One section had needed a corner cut out. When he put it in place the cut out was too long - he had measured incorrectly. So he re-measured and and ordered a replacement - which turned out to have the same mistake. It stayed like that for years.

One day he was sawing a piece of wood on the kitchen table. As he was sawing he related how - many years ago - he had cut into the table top by mistake. This time when he finished - he found he had done the same again.

My door was having its two custom stained glass panels fitted. The acclaimed artist found that they were 100mm too wide. She had take them away and hack them down to size. She said that was the first time she had ever mis-measured. In fact the loss of part of the design actually improved it - as the brain subjectively expanded it to wider than the missing slice.

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