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The limits are all well and good except that with bog rolls in particular it fails spectacularly with you have packets with 16, 24 or even 32 individual rolls in. You can buy 2 huge packs or 2 packs of 4 rolls. The result is that supplies are emptied even more quickly because of the volume. Just who needs multiple visits to the supermarket buying 2 or 3 multipacks in the 16+ size?

Suppliers should have stopped the big multipacks and supermarkets should have used common sense and put a limit of 1 on those. The same applies to baked beans where there are often 6 or 8 packs. Of course these are going to sell out, if you are panic buying why would you not take as many of the largest possible unit combinations that you can.

Again, the supermarkets could have done a lot more with the analytics to stop repeat buyers.

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