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Stockpiling is not only rational, it's imperative when you are looking at a prolonged period of (1) not being allowed to leave your home, and (2) not being able to get anything delivered to your home.

And home deliveries were the first thing to break down.

What else were people supposed to do?

Now we hear "you can still get all these things", but for a lot of people that's just not true: for people who can't get to the shops at a reasonable time, or at all - for people who can't drive and are reliant for transport on services that are no longer available - or for people whose local shop managers just aren't very good at stock control. Around here, if you want to go shopping, (1) you're liable to be stopped en route by the police and have to explain yourself, (2) assuming you can make it to the shop, you have to line up outside to get in, (3) once you get in, several of the shelves are still bare, (4) even if what you want is in stock, you can't buy more than two of it, tough luck if you wanted to.

I'm feeling pretty good about my stockpile right now, thank you. I can limit my shopping to once a week even under these conditions - thanks to the stocking up I did a month ago.

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