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Well, Zuckerberg did promise India it hadn't seen the last of Facebook. How do you say they're BAAACK in Hindi?

Sawari Ma

Is the state of youth education so poor that you seriously believe what you have written here? The Japanese raped and murdered the people of every country they invaded during the war. Lots of Filipinos died because of the Japanese invading their country, not because MacArthur returned to help them take it back. The people of the Philippines were thankful for MacArthur’s return and the subsequent end of Japanese brutality, and built a monument to him on the island of Corregidor. My grandfather fought alongside the Filipino marines for part of the war. He said he had never seen such fierce fighters in his life. They wanted to kill every Japanese alive. Those people still hate the Japanese. What do you mean by being taken over when referring to South Korea and Taiwan? You think they are doing pretty well because Japan “took them over” during the war? The Koreans and Taiwanese fought the Japanese the whole war. Even before America officially entered the war, the all volunteer Flying Tigers were fighting the Japanese from Taiwan alongside the Taiwanese people. Korea has been split in two since the Chinese ran into their country at the end of WWII. Those people would like nothing more than for the Japanese and Chinese to piss off and let them have their one, united, Korea back. Taiwan is considered a rogue territory by the Chinese, who would like nothing more than to run in there and destroy the democracy they have built, and force them into submission like they have been slowly been doing with Hong Kong. Like they did to North Korea. The only thing that has prevented that has been the United States’s support of their nation. The South Koreans have been trying to get the Japanese to remove the names of Korean WWII war crime victims removed from the Japanese war memorial for their dead soldiers for years. They have also been coming down on them for the comfort women crap they pulled during the war. Both the Koreans and Taiwanese hate the Japanese. To be quite frank, all the Asian people seem to hate each other, and God help you if you call one the wrong race by accident. The United States ended decades of empires making the Philippines their abused colony, and transitioned them into a self-ruled nation. The people there, elected the president they have all on their own. South Korea and Taiwan flourished because they did not waste the opportunity they were given with the assistance of the US at the end of WWII. The Philippines seem to have a habit of embracing charismatic lunatics which is their problem to solve. They have wasted the opportunities that the US help has afforded them time and again, so their situation is despite US help not because of it. Just where the hell are you learning history from?

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