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that's not a very 'libertarian' argument. It's more like an ANARCHIST argument.

Libertarians aren't against regulating [they are against BANNING, which is a different thing entirely]. Without regulation you have chaos, and Libertarians don't want chaos [only anarchists and revolutionaries want chaos].

The basic idea is that I should have as much freedom as possible as long as it's not negatively impacting anyone else, and whenever it could (or is), that's where regulations happen.

Simplest example: smoking. While banning all smoking would stop me from having to breathe someone else's tobacco exhaust, if that person smokes where I am _NOT_ I am not impacted. Therefore, regulation to prevent me from being FORCED to breathe tobacco exhaust is reasonable [and of course I can deliberately NOT go to those places where people smoke]. A "smoking area" with its own ventilation system is one example, so that the smoke never leaves that zone, in business establishments where they choose to allow such things. But, it's the nature of gummints to want to CONTROL MORE, and so they ALWAYS do "the ban" or something chaotic (which then leads to THEM 'providing a "solution" to the problem THEY caused').

Whoever that was that claimed this was a Libertarian argument (justifying price gouging during a declared emergency) does NOT understand Libertarianism.

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