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Leave them alone?


The most infamous case, which is not covered here as it occurred in the U.S. (where else?), is

(it made headlines here, so you can find much more coverage very easily)

To stockpile his 17,000+ bottles of hand sanitizer, he and his posse traveled to 3 different states to completely wipe out available supplies, which has the effect of cornering the market for the area. Then sell at ridiculously inflated prices - which, again, for those living in (his now) affected sold-out area, is 'My way or the highway-robbery'.

Amazon and eBay slapped him with the banhammer so hard that it left him feeling just as assaulted as his neighbors felt, once they learned of the reason why they could not find any of those health supplies in their own areas.

And he feels he's the victim!

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