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Unfortunately, the 'Idiots' who decided that it was an early 'Bank Holiday' *and* then ignored social distancing, have ruined it for all of us.

The National Trust is closing everything and this is also being followed by councils who are responsible for 'Country Parks' etc.

I am a NT member and use the local 'Beach' area for Dog walking ...... this is now going to be impossible.

There is a full 'Lockdown' coming that will make travel to the beach a 'No No' even if it was open !!!

I am ashamed of the way the 'Brits' have been acting with no regard for others and almost wholesale panic about food, medicines and masks etc

There is a major shortage of 'Stiff upper lip' and supporting the 'underdog' which we are supposed to be like.

The only way we are going to survive this, with the least dead, is if we work together as one unit and protect the people at most risk. This involves thinking about 'other than' ones self or our immediate family. Caring about our neighbours and our local communities is vital and is ultimately to everyones advantage.

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